Storage Cabinet Shutter System

Storage Cabinet Shutter System

The construction of storage cabinet shutter system consists of the basic parts, which are designed to fit and interact together in a very simple and easy manner. APPL storage cabinet shutter system combines a few running properties and smoothness of storage cabinet with the high-quality look and feel of solid aluminium system. The basic principle is to simply slide the individual thermoplast strip together to form the shutter “CARPET”, which further slides in the track system. The storage cabinet strips are at right angle to the direction of their travel and the carpet door opens in the upward direction. The track is fixed in the left & right side of the cabinet. The Storage Cabnet Shutter is available to be used in Schools, Homes, Offices, Warehouses, Kitchen, Vans etc. Though, having multiple usage, it does not compromise on quality. It is composed of best in class products and basic components and also have an customisable approach.

APPL is among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Refrigeration Sealing Systems for household and commercial industries (Visi-Cooler, Chest Freezer etc.) in India catering to both multinationals and India white goods industries. APPL is also the largest manufacturer of a wide range of custom made extruded specialty profiles for various sectors.

The brand APPL under the flagship company of the DCJ Group incorporated in 1991. Our designs are an outcome of joint efforts with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and our most modern manufacturing and design facilities spread across in India in 9 locations.


Storage Cabinet Shutter program offers a large selection of styles and configurations for a wide range of needs and is available in a selection of finishes.

  • Complete matching system solutions in PVC
  • Solid color components can be painted for unlimited design options
  • More scratch resistant than hot stamping or foiling
  • No swelling or sticking problems caused by humidity, unlike wood roller shutters
  • Stain Proof Profiles

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