Design and Development

APPL has an experienced team under the design and development department capable of developing products according to the requirements of valued customers.

The sealing material of the refrigerator door gaskets is the key to the fridge energy saving efficiency and determines the life of the refrigerator air-compressor to a great extent. Our design team has the capability to adapt to the customer design and specifications through Design Analysis of the required shape and providing value engineered products to customers.

APPL is committed to satisfying the needs of the customers with regard to both materials and design , as is testified by the close interaction and initial involvement in the development process with the customer and add value from both usage and application point of view for products supplied.


APPL is equipped with the most modern analytical instruments and is focused on investigating, mastering and optimizing solutions for continuous development as part of a business philosophy that looks ahead into the future.

Thanks to the combination of product engineering – which designs and develops innovative products capable of meeting the requests of the customer – and machine engineering – which designs the tooling and special machines that are needed in the manufacturing processes – we develop number of products year on year and offer to customers.

APPL’s main objectives are, among others: product diversification, the creation of innovative products, the constant pursuit of total quality, the achievement of total product recycling and a reduced impact on the environment.

Technology And Functionality

In the beginning the thermal insulation between refrigerator door and cabinet was ensured by means of tube-shaped extruded profiles made of vulcanized rubber and welded together by using filling materials, which are squeezed in between the closing frames by a ratchet closure mechanism.
APPL designed and manufactured a sealing system that used Thermo- Plastic magnetic Gasket Profiles with no plasticizer migration, which, thanks to the insertion of a flexible magnetic strip inside the gasket, allowed the perfect closing of the door, thereby overcoming the need of a ratchet closure. This solution has dramatically changed the concept of thermal insulation in the refrigerator and freezer sector and has allowed APPL to reach a position as market leader . The company is constantly researching new and ground breaking solutions.

Magnetic and non-magnetic soft PVC or TPE (PVC-free) gaskets. This is the first product line developed by company’s plastics division. The gasket profile design is constantly being updated and improved so that we can always offer to our customers innovative products, both in terms of performances and materials, which possess the highest sealing, spring back and rolling effect properties.

Product News